The B341 brings the cost performance to the extreme.

      Rich optional configurations and maneuverable later period upgrade capabilities make it possible for you to meet your needs at the least cost when you need it most.

It is a better choice for production,companies and mass consumers. 

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  • Heated Chamber
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  • Splicer
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  • Drying Oven
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  • Active Refrigeration
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  • External Big Filament Roller
    110 $
  • Pro2 nozzle heater 350
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  • +1 Frosted Coated Build Plate
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  • +1 Nozzle kit-hardened steel 0.4
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  Forged from the I341, iBridger's newly 3D printer B341 meet the needs of buying industrial machines at the price of professional machines.

     It is also a machine with a wide range of optional configurations.

     You can not only choose the configuration according to your own needs at the time of purchase, but also choose any configuration at any time according to the actual situation in the later use process. All optional configurations are modular and can be increased or decreased at any time in the later stage.

The B341 is a dual-extruder 3D printer whit all metal sealed chamber and frame. 

 Its maximum build volume is 490 x 430 x 600 mm. 

    With the help of water cooling system and vacuum suction build plate, it can deal with most of material easily, capable of printing any filament that extrudes up to 300°C (350°C optional), including TPU, ABS,PLA, HIPS, PC, TPE, NYLON, PETG , ASA, PP, PVA, carbon fiber reinforced, glass fiber reinforced, metal filling and wood filling, among others. You can expect superior results and easy printing experience when select Heated Chamber and Pro2 Nozzle Heater 350.

   The 341series printers are easy to integrate into a production environment as they can support most mainstream slicing software and all third party filaments. So you can use it according to your usage habits. The remote control system that will be launched this year makes it more efficient and convenient for you to use it.

What does the B341 standard edition have

image.png    Water cooled print head suitable for high temperature environment

图标天空.png Efficient and stable water cooling mechanism ensures that filament is always at a lower temperature before entering the nozzle heater.  This allows the B341 to print with a wide variety of filaments while reducing clogging.

It is more convenient to print TPU, PVA and other materials vulnerable to temperature. Therefore, B341 can easily print not only common TPU 98A, but also TPU 95A, 90A and even challenge 85A.




真空打印平台.png    Vacuum adsorption printing bed

                        B341 is equipped with adsorption printing bed and coated flexible steel plate as standard. When they are used together, we can obtain:

                        Better build surface flatness.

                        Better bottom layer adhesion, and easier prints removal.

                        More convenient and reliable platform fixing method. 

                        Free choice of plate material, we can adsorb any planar material on the vacuum platform as a build surface.



电驱自动调平.png  Motorized auto leveling


B341 supports the motorized auto leveling function. It adjusts the physical mechanism of the platform just as we screw the leveling screw of the platform by hand. The leveling screw is driven by a motor to automatically detect and mechanically calibrate the printing platform. 

The printer will automatically detect and adjust the platform to the best state before printing every time. In this way, we can not only realize the super large build size, but also flat to the extent that we can directly print the fine model, and avoid the influence of thermal deformation caused by warm cavity heating and platform heating. It greatly improves the success rate and automation of printing.

B341 also has the function of intelligently detecting the print area. No matter which slicing software you use, it can intelligently determine the minimum automatic leveling area according to the print file, which can not only achieve accurate leveling, but also save unnecessary detection time.

Of course, B341 still supports the traditional automatic leveling (compensation leveling) function. You can choose one of them according to your preferences or use them both at the same time.


可升级性3.pngPowerful upgradeability


B341 provides a variety of optional configurations. You can choose freely at the time of purchase or upgrade selectively according to actual needs after use. All optional functions are modular, so don't worry about the difficulty of upgrading after purchase.


金属保温构建室2.pngAll metal structure with insulation interlayer


The whole machine is processed by aluminum alloy and sheet metal technology, and the build chamber has good tightness and is designed with temperature  insulation interlayer. It has a good thermal insulation effect. If you choose the configuration of Heated Chamber, then you can easily deal with the problems of large size prints' deformation and edge warping of ABS and other engineering plastics.


Other features

    Nozzle clean device

Dual liftable and easy-swap nozzles

Heatable filament bin

Inner loop HEPA filter

Rich instruction videos in the machine

Intelligent safety measures, printing will be automatically suspended when opening the chamber door under dangerous conditions such as high temperature, etc.

Protection mechanism: lack of filament, abnormal temperature of key components, automatic pause print or stop of heating, etc.

Power Loss Recovery

 Temperature resistant industrial camera.

What optional configurations does B341 provide


可加热温腔.png  Heated Chamber


Install the heater in the insulated printing chamber. The PID controller on board enables the printer to control chamber temperature up to 100℃

With the help of the temperature chamber, all engineering plastics except PEEK can be printed smoothly in B341. Even printing large-size engineering plastics  can avoid the problem of shrinkage and deformation. It is the most direct way to solve the printing deformation and insufficient strength of high-temperature plastics.

合料功能.png   Splicer


After installing the splicer, B341 will be able to print 7X24h continuously, especially when printing large models. Avoid printing pause caused by exhaustion of  filament and printing failure caused by manual load fault.

It will configure 4 filament bins, 2 for left nozzle, 2 for right nozzle, with filament run out sensor which enable the 2nd reel of filament to be fed automatically when the 1st reel run out, no printing interruption.

烘箱.png  Drying Oven


The oven is used to dry the filament thoroughly, and can also be used to store the filaments. For filament susceptible to moisture, be sure to dry them before printing. Such as PVA, PA, PA-CF, PA-GF, etc.

主动制冷.png   Active Refrigeration


The Active Refrigeration function is an auxiliary measure of water cooling, which can cool the coolant below room temperature, help better control the filament temperature in summer, help TPU and other filament vulnerable to temperature increase strength and reduce the risk of clog.

大料架.png    External Large Filament Roller


After this configuration is installed, it is very convenient to be compatible with large filament roller, such as 3kg or 5kg filament roller, so that the number of filament switchs can be reduced or even no need to switch when printing large models.

Of course, if you have a suitable filament holder, you can also use the large filament roller directly on the ground without purchasing this configuration.

350加热环.png    Pro2 nozzle heater 350


The Pro2 nozzle heater 350 makes the nozzle can be heated to 350, which is a better choice for users who often print high-temperature engineering filament.

Why choose B341

High cost performance

 B341 has ultra-high cost performance and flexible configuration options     


Reliable quality


Years of technical accumulation and all metal fuselage structure


Strong compatibility


B341 supports all third-party consumables and is also filaments with a variety of slicing software


After sales guarantee


We have warehouses in some regions and continue to increase. Provide you with timely parts supply and flexible after-sales support.

In similar price



In similar configuration


*The compared printers mentioned above are only for showing the characteristics of printer in all aspects, not targeted for any third-party products

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