The I341 brings the transparent design, tt's more convenient for observation, and the compact design is convenient for office production.

It is a better choice for R & D institutions and mass consumers. 


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 The I340 is dual extruders, industrial-grade printers designed for producing functional prototyping, manufacturing tooling, end-use products, and more.

With 3 types of nozzles, high-temperature print heads 410°C and thermostatic printing chamber 90°C, iBridger 3D printers support multiple engineering plastics.

With a large build area and 4 auto feed filament bins, bigger models can be printed out in a single print session without interruption. In addition to high quality, accurate prints, iBridger 3D printers are more user-friendly, more reliable, require less maintenance, and are more affordable compared to other industrial grade printers with similar features.

With a large-scale build volume up to 17 x 17.5 x 23″/430 x 445 x 585mm, iBridger is designed for high-performance industrial applications, including prototyping, creating tooling for manufacturing, or volume printing of completed end-use products and models. 

An enclosed heated printing chamber maintains a constant temperature of 90°C that is optimal for shrink-sensitive filaments and results in a more stable printing process and better finished products.  


iBridger i340 equipped with four filament bins (two main bins and two backup bins) and filament run-out sensor, which will automatically switch bins as the filament is used up to ensure interruption-free, non-stop prints. It’s especially perfect for bigger prints.


Different filament materials require different temperatures to perform properly. With print nozzles that can reach up to 410°C/ 400°C easily, iBridger is ideal for any filament, including high-temperature filaments. 


And we provide 3 types of nozzles for your choice, Brass, copper plated and hardened steel. With above nozzles, iBridger can print almost most 1.75mm diameter filaments on the market.

No matter what your application, iBridger is ready. The printers support multiple high- performance filaments, such as PETG, PA6-CF, PA6-GF, ABS, PC, PA6/66 and more, even water-soluble and high-temperature specialty filaments. iBridger can handle any print job with professional results. Moreover, we’ll release more filaments after more material testing. 

We strongly recommend you to use iBridger affordable filaments, and come with slicing template (such as FFF profile of simplify 3D) shared by iBridger, you can get optimal printing results. Besides, iBridger also open to 3rd party filaments, which makes you print without filament limitation. 

When it comes to 3D printing, the details are important. iBridger is capable of producing incredibly detailed and smooth 3D models of any size. With a constant temperature chamber, dual nozzles and advanced print heads, iBridger ensures reliable printing success while maintaining high-resolution. 


For functional use purpose we suggest to set layer height at 0.2mm, it will help to achieve a good balance between speed and quality. If you want super fine details, you can set layer height at 0.05mm. With this setting you can’t see layers with the naked-eyes while surface is smooth to touch. iBridger 3D printer can print right down to 0.01mm layer height, just depending on your choice of speed or details.

With a unique X/Y/Z axis positioning design, iBridger delivers accuracy with high precision and better axial motion stability. The result is models of better accuracy and print resolution. 

iBridger 3D printer has a dual extruder that is liftable, it will be setting up to an idle distance of 5mm to avoid the scratch or damage between prints and nozzles. Also, it enables the printing of two colors at the same print as well as with two different materials. Or to print complex models with dissolvable supports. 


The 10.1-inch color touchscreen allows users to interact with iBridger more easily. This screen gives you the ability to control all aspects of iBridger and monitor your print job as it progresses. You can even view the chamber temperature and slice parameters, right from the screen!


One of the challenges we hear about quite often is the dual extruder 3D printer will ooze material and bleed in dual extrusion prints. iBridger is different, with its special nozzle cleaning feature the printer can clean the extruder and pre-extrude filament residue within the nozzles, which maintains dual extruder print quality as good as single extruder print and improve the print success rate.


iBridger is easy to use conveniently for repeated prints. Our build plate is designed to spring metal sheet with plastic film, features better bottom layer adhesion and easier 3D print removal. With the electromagnetic locking mechanism, it keeps the build plate flat durable and warpage free.


iBridger makes nozzle changes easy. We designed nozzle kit with no connection to the heating wire, you can changed among the 3 types of nozzles we provided, and more sizes are available. It’s fast, convenient and reduces maintenance downtime. 


Here we want to highlight the special designs of iBridger 3D printers’ dual extruder printing with PVA:

1. Idle extruder auto turned off. You can set idle time to auto turn off nozzle heating to prevent overheating of support material.

2. Support extruder auto slows down the print speed during the first few layers: You can set the first few layers speed of supporting print to get better adhesion. This will improve the print success rate significantly.

3. Support extruder auto increase extrude rate (flow rate) during the first few layers: You can set the first few layers flow rate of supporting print to get better adhesion. This will improve the print success rate also.

4. Left support layers: You can set the first few layers of supporting print use model extruder to make sure that the separation distance of raft will not cause support problems.


You can set the chamber cooling curve to control the prints annealing. This can help to reduce model shrink after printing, especially for the big models that utilize high-temperature materials.