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    341 series 3D printer was born from 340 series which honed by the market for years. Starting from meeting the needs of users and cost control, it focuses on the stability and ease of use of industrial high-temperature machine.

    As an industrial 3D printer with standard water cooling system and vacuum adsorption build plate, it not only has excellent cost performance advantages, but also has rich functional configuration and a wide range of material compatibility.

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   We promise to provide after-sales service and technical support for all iBridger users. If you have any questions or cooperation intention, please send an email to:


    We also support a variety of purchase methods, which can be purchased through offline communication or directly online on our official website.

   Our quotation will includes tax and freight with a few exceptions. You don't have to worry about the extra cost at all. We have local warehouses in some areas, which can deliver goods directly, which greatly shortens your waiting time and cumbersome shopping process. Of course, you can also get our products through the nearest agent, this is also the way we encourage. So you will not only enjoy the technical support of the agent, but also obtain the original support by directly contact us. The required relevant spare parts will also be sent through the local agent or our nearest warehouse in the fastest way. 

   Starting from the 341 series, all our printer's touch screens contain rich introduction videos and printer maintenance guide videos, which can ensure that most of the problems you encounter can be solved at the first time. At the same time, we also have a special after-sales team to provide you with 7 / 24h after-sales service.

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